The Impact of Annual Giving

Unforgettable Princeton

This is Your Moment

What do you remember most vividly about your time at Princeton? It might be the flash of insight when you knew what you wanted to be. The first time you met your best friend. The moment you celebrated team triumphs, or sighed with relief after turning in your thesis, or volunteered your time in a community project. There were challenging times, and joyful times ... and the moment you walked through FitzRandolph Gate and into the world.

Every day, Princeton students are creating unforgettable moments like yours. Your support helps to make these moments possible.

That moment you gave to the next generation.

Day of Service


That moment with friends you'll remember forever.

Moment with friends

That moment every year when you know that orange is really your color.


That moment you finally get to go through the gates and see the next horizon.