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Research Day

Princeton University Research Day
From nano-scale sensors to costume design, drosophila morphogenesis to opera, sea urchins to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Princeton’s first Research Day offered a mind-expanding view of work explored across campus.
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Career Services

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Lives
Princeton's Office of Career Services is responding to today's new job market by assuming a new role in the lives of students. Instead of serving as a centralized job-placement agency for juniors and seniors, the office helps each student begin a journey of self-discovery starting freshman year.
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Ted Taylor

From Butterflies to Tomorrow’s Chemists: Professor Emeritus Ted Taylor Helps Discovery Take Flight
In his four decades on the Princeton faculty, Ted Taylor earned the admiration of his students and colleagues for his cheerful nature and commitment to rigorous research. Even in retirement, he has continued to support and shape new generations of scientists.
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Food Science

Feeding the World Sustainably: Princeton Gets to Work
Retired physician and professor of medicine, Gordon Douglas ’55 and his wife Sheila Mahoney are the driving force behind the creation of Princeton Studies Food, a coalition of faculty, researchers, students, alumni, staff, and community members tackling the challenge of feeding the world’s people while preserving the Earth and its resources. To date, Douglas and Mahoney have helped organize two conferences and a 2015 Reunions panel on the topic.
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